Alexandria’s Mary Claire Brinkman Named Softball Player of the Week (March 11-16)

by Hunter Bower // Managing Editor

Softball Player of the Week: Mary Claire Brinkman, Junior, SS/P, Alexandria

Stat Line (March 11-16): 11-for-19 • .579 BA • 4 2B • 3 HR • 3 BB • 0 K • .636 OBP • 7 RBI • 10 RS

This week, that shining star is none other than Mary Claire Brinkman from Alexandria Senior High, earning the prestigious title of Softball Player of the Week, presented by Visit Lake Charles.

Brinkman, a junior softball sensation, showcased a masterclass performance on the diamond, leaving spectators in awe with her exceptional display of talent. Throughout the week, she demonstrated unwavering excellence, going 11-for-19 at the plate with a staggering batting average of .579. Her consistency and precision were unparalleled as she delivered four singles, four doubles, and an impressive trio of home runs.

What’s more remarkable is Brinkman’s impeccable control of the game. With three walks and zero strikeouts, she not only dominated offensively but also displayed exceptional discipline and strategic prowess. Her on-base percentage soared to an outstanding .636, a testament to her ability to read pitchers and capitalize on scoring opportunities.

As the lead-off batter for the Lady Trojans, Brinkman has been a cornerstone of the team’s success, showcasing her talents and leadership on the field for three remarkable years. However, this past week marked a significant milestone in her career as she achieved a feat she had never before accomplished – hitting three home runs in a single week. These powerful shots not only electrified the crowd but also underscored Brinkman’s evolution as a formidable force in the softball arena.

In addition to her remarkable offensive contributions, Brinkman’s defensive prowess and agility were equally commendable. Her athleticism and versatility make her an invaluable asset to the Lady Trojans, contributing to their overall success both on and off the field.

Throughout the week, Brinkman’s impact reverberated beyond the box score. She drove in seven RBIs, demonstrating her ability to deliver in high-pressure situations, while also crossing the plate herself an impressive ten times. Her tenacity, resilience, and unwavering dedication to her craft serve as an inspiration to teammates and aspiring athletes alike.