GeauxPreps and Red Zone Fundraising Join Forces for 2023-24, Introduce Inaugural All-Sports Award, Louisiana’s premier high school sports media leader, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with RedZone Fundraising for the upcoming 2023-24 school year. Red Zone Fundraising, a Metairie-based corporation known for its unwavering support for high school athletics, will serve as the title sponsor of the newly introduced Red Zone Cup.

The Red Zone Fundraising Cup is an accolade designed to honor the exceptional achievements of Louisiana high schools in various Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) sanctioned sports. This prestigious award, incorporating both boy’s and girl’s sports, meticulously tallies points from all current LHSAA-sponsored sports. The victorious school will receive a splendid, customized trophy as a testament to their outstanding sportsmanship and athletic prowess. Additionally, the winner will be prominently featured on, providing them with well-deserved recognition across the state.

The most remarkable aspect of this partnership is Red Zone’s steadfast commitment to the development and support of student-athletes throughout the year. The Red Zone Fundraising Cup represents more than just a competition; it’s a symbol of Red Zone Fundraising’s dedication to helping Louisiana high schools leverage high-performing fundraising platforms to bolster their sports programs.’s owner, Hunter Bower, expressed his excitement about the Red Zone Fundraising Cup, stating, “We’re incredibly thrilled to introduce the Red Zone Cup as a beacon of excellence in Louisiana high school sports. This award not only promotes friendly competition but also underscores the importance of community support for our student-athletes. Red Zone Fundraising’s involvement demonstrates their genuine commitment to our youth and the future of high school athletics in our state.”

With RedZone’s brand prominently displayed on the all-sports award, this partnership serves as a compelling reminder to all Louisiana high schools that Red Zone Fundraising is not only an advocate of high school athletics but also an invaluable resource for sports programs seeking effective fundraising solutions. and Red Zone Fundraising are dedicated to making the 2023-24 school year an unforgettable season for Louisiana high school sports. Together, they aim to elevate the spirit of competition, foster community engagement, and support the dreams of student-athletes across the state.

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About Red Zone Fundraising

Red Zone Fundraising is a Metairie-based corporation that specializes in providing high-performing fundraising platforms and support for high school sports programs, aiming to empower student-athletes and communities. To learn more, please visit


The Red Zone Fundraising Cup is an award that honors schools that provide and achieve success in many of the LHSAA-sanctioned sports. 

The award totals points earned in both men’s and women’s sports. All current LHSAA-sponsored sports are included as part of the scoring for the award.

The winner of the award will receive a customized trophy and is featured on our website,

Standings are updated on the site after each season and a winner is announced in late June. 



Starting in 2023-2024 schools will begin to receive points based on their finishes in all LHSAA-sanctioned postseason events. Although one school will be awarded the winner, all LHSAA member schools will be divided into three divisions for friendly competition, Large School Division is for schools with an enrollment of over 1000. Medium Schools are classified as 500 to 1000 and the Small School division is below 500.


Points are awarded for finishes in the state tournament of every sport. Generally, the top 32 teams in each sport are awarded points. If less than 32 teams participate then those are the only schools that are awarded points.


Finish Points

1: 100

2: 80

3-4: 60

5-8: 45

9-16: 20

17-32: 10


Finish Points

1: 100

2: 80

3: 65

4: 55

5: 50

6: 47

7: 43

8: 40

9: 30

10: 28

11: 26

12: 24

13: 22

14: 20

15: 18

16: 16

17-32: 10


• Baseball

• Boys Basketball

• Boys Bowling

• Boys Cross Country

• Boys Golf

• Boys Powerlifting

• Boys Soccer

• Boys Swimming

• Boys Tennis

• Football

• Girls Basketball

• Girls Bowling

• Girls Cross Country

• Girls Golf

• Girls Powerlifting

• Girls Soccer

• Girls Swimming

• Girls Tennis

• Gymnastics

• Indoor Track & Field

• Outdoor Track & Field

• Softball

• Volleyball

• Wrestling