Announces Exciting Partnership with Louisiana Turf Cleaning LLC

LAKE CHARLES – is thrilled to announce its partnership with Louisiana Turf Cleaning LLC, the state’s leading provider of sports turf grooming and sanitization services. This strategic collaboration is set to elevate the sports experience for student-athletes and schools across Louisiana.

Louisiana Turf Cleaning, under the leadership of owner Cary Myers, has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the field of sports turf maintenance and safety. Their commitment to ensuring the highest levels of safety and performance on athletic fields aligns perfectly with’s mission to celebrate and support Louisiana’s vibrant high school sports community.

As part of this exciting partnership, Louisiana Turf Cleaning will proudly serve as the official title sponsor for’s Classifieds section, strengthening its presence within the Louisiana high school sports ecosystem. This prominent placement will provide Louisiana Turf Cleaning with enhanced visibility and recognition among coaches, athletes, and school administrators.

In addition to their role as the official Classifieds section sponsor, Louisiana Turf Cleaning will receive extensive recognition on all official GeauxPreps social media accounts throughout the year. This visibility will allow them to engage directly with the passionate community of high school sports enthusiasts who rely on for the latest news, updates, and resources related to Louisiana’s high school sports scene.

Bower expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “We are excited to join forces with Louisiana Turf Cleaning in our shared commitment to ensuring the safety and success of student-athletes across Louisiana. With the services that Cary and his team provide, I believe that the top-notch turf grooming and sanitization they provide will change the game in providing the utmost safety amongst Louisiana student-athletes, and this partnership will allow us to reach even more schools and communities.”

Myers encourages schools and athletic departments to take advantage of Louisiana Turf Cleaning’s expertise by scheduling a cleaning today. To book a service or learn more about the comprehensive offerings provided by Louisiana Turf Cleaning, please contact Myers at 504-453-6950, via email at or on Facebook by searching for Louisiana Turf Cleaning LLC.

This partnership between and Louisiana Turf Cleaning, LLC, promises to be a game-changer for high school sports in Louisiana, ensuring that student-athletes have the safest and most optimal playing conditions. Join us in celebrating this exciting collaboration as we continue to champion the future of Louisiana’s young athletes.

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About Louisiana Turf Cleaning LLC:
Louisiana Turf Cleaning LLC, led by owner Cary Myers, is the foremost provider of sports turf grooming and sanitization services in Louisiana. With a commitment to excellence and safety, Louisiana Turf Cleaning ensures that athletic fields are in peak condition, offering student-athletes a safe and optimal playing surface. For inquiries and services, please contact Cary Myers at 504-453-6950 or