Jewelry Permitted in 2023 High School Softball Rules Changes

by Hunter Bower // Owner

INDIANAPOLIS – Just one day removed from permitting high school baseball players to wear jewelry during in-season contests, the National Federation of State High School Associations’ (NFHS) Softball Rules Committee has also approved the wearing of jewelry in the sport effective in the 2023 season.

Previously, only medical and religious medals were permitted by rule.

While most jewelry will be permitted, the Softball Rules Committee noted that the current rules still state that umpires have the authority to expel items they deem harmful or distracting to any player.

“The NFHS Softball Rules Committee has entertained this possible rule change on multiple occasions based on previous proposals submitted by the membership,” said Sandy Searcy, NFHS director of sports and liaison to the NFHS Softball Rules Committee. “This year’s overwhelming member response in favor of permitting the wearing of jewelry strongly influenced the Committee’s decision to approve this proposal.

The NFHS also took measures to strengthen the language to emphasize the use of electronic devices outside of the dugout, loosening color restrictions on gloves and mitts, changes to final game statistics, batter-runner interference in fair territory, and new language clarifying the definition of a fair ball.

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