T-Bubba Talk: The 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl

by T-Bubba Edwards // GeauxPreps.com Contributor

​I arrived at the 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl Media Breakfast on Wednesday, February 1st early so that I could get as many interviews as possible. Not knowing what to expect, me and my dad stood around waiting to see what players would be available. All of a sudden, the “National Team” came walking in and I was able to spot former Kentwood High School Kangaroo wide receiver Trey Palmer in the crowd of players. Trey was a top high school prospect coming out of high school in 2019. He led the Kangaroos to a 1-A state championship by beating Oak Grove pretty handily, 40 to 21.

​I asked Trey if I could interview him and he said “of course”. My first question to Trey was are you really tight with former Jena Giant Jaray Jenkins. Trey said “That’s my dawg, we don’t talk every day but we are tight”. Trey played at LSU before transferring to the University of Nebraska. I asked Trey coming out of high school, what were his top 3 choices. Trey said “LSU, Arizona State and Alabama”. I had to know what made him choose LSU over Bama and Trey quickly replied “Cause I am a Louisiana Guy”. I had to follow that question up with what made you transfer from LSU then. Trey gave me an honest answer, he said “It was just a better opportunity to show my talents”. I expect Trey to do well in the NFL. He made an awesome play during Senior Bowl practice when he went up against Iowa Defensive Back Riley Moss.

After interviewing several players on the National team, the American Team came in. I had several players I wanted to interview, but the main one was TCU’s leading receiver in the National Championship game against Georgia, DeriusDavis. Derius played high school football at West Feliciana in St. Francisville Louisiana. The first question I just had to ask Derius was how does it feel to have a QB like Max Duggan aka Max Thuggin throwing you the ball? Derius was quick to reply without even having to think about it “It’s a blessing to have someone like Max, you know he is a true leader on our team, he is a warrior, we feed off his energy”. I had to throw it out there, that I was proud of him for showing what “Louisiana Boys” can do. Derius said, “You know, I feel like Louisiana has the best athletes in the world. It’s a blessing to be a part of Louisiana and come out here to the senior bowl and showcase my skills and make Louisiana proud”.

It was a lot of fun to see a couple of ex Louisiana High School Football players at the Senior Bowl performing well and conducting themselves in a way that Louisiana fans will be proud of even if they played at a college out of state. It is interesting that LSU had 2 players (Ali Gaye and Jay Ward) representing the Tigers in the Senior Bowl but neither of them played high school football in Louisiana.

Next year’s Reese’s Senior Bowl should have more talent representing Louisiana.

T-Bubba OUT!!!!