Announced As Digital Media Partner of LHSAA

BATON ROUGE –  The Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) is proud to announce its groundbreaking partnership with, the leading digital media platform for high school sports coverage in Louisiana. This collaboration designates as the Digital Media Partner of LHSAA, marking a momentous milestone in the realm of high school sports media.

As the Digital Media Partner, will have exclusive access to all LHSAA state championship events. Their highly skilled collective of photographers, led by industry veterans Michael Odendahl and Josh McDaniel, will be present at each contest, diligently capturing the most significant memories of both team and individual performances.

This partnership introduces a revolutionary feature that sets apart from conventional sports photographers. Fans will now have an unparalleled opportunity to purchase pictures from multiple photographers within their collective. This means that fans will no longer be restricted to just one set of pictures but can explore a diverse range of shots, ensuring that they obtain the most cherished moments from every angle and perspective.

Hunter Bower, the visionary owner of, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are incredibly excited to become the Digital Media Partner of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association. This collaboration not only benefits the student-athletes by preserving their triumphant moments on the field, but it also offers family members an extraordinary chance to relive those memories through the lens of the most professional sports photographers in our state.”

The partnership between and LHSAA seeks to elevate the overall experience of high school sports fans across Louisiana. To access these captivating photos, fans can conveniently log on to during and after championship events. This easy-to-use platform will enable fans to explore and purchase images that encapsulate the thrill and passion of high school sports, all at their fingertips.

LHSAA Executive Director, Eddie Bonine, shared his thoughts on the new alliance, “GeauxPreps’ expertise in all things high school sports is truly commendable, and we are excited to join forces with them. As the LHSAA continues to create memorable experiences for our student-athletes, coaches, and families, GeauxPreps’ dedication to showcasing the best of Louisiana high school athletics aligns perfectly with our mission. We anticipate this collaboration to be transformative and beneficial for everyone involved.”

This partnership between GeauxPreps and the LHSAA represents a powerful combination of passion, talent, and a shared vision for enhancing the narrative of high school sports in Louisiana. As the 2023-2024 season unfolds, GeauxPreps will work diligently with experienced photographers throughout the state to ensure that every moment of triumph and determination is captured with precision and artistic finesse.


GeauxPreps is a leading digital media company dedicated to capturing the excitement of high school sports through the art of photography. Founded with a love for sports and a keen eye for storytelling, GeauxPreps’ team of talented photographers ensures that every game becomes a cherished memory. For more information, visit

About LHSAA:

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) is a non-profit organization that facilitates, supervises, and regulates interscholastic athletic programs that promote fair play and sportsmanship among student-athletes. LHSAA is committed to creating positive and meaningful experiences for young athletes, coaches, and communities through high school sports.