SWLA: Sulphur Product LaColby Tucker Signed To Atlanta Falcons

by Hunter Bower // GeauxPreps.com

ATLANTA – In a recent move, the Atlanta Falcons have added former Sulphur Tor, LaColby Tucker, to their 90-man roster.

Tucker’s signing marks a noteworthy step in his football career, which has seen a few twists since his college days.

His journey to the Falcons began at Division III Missouri Southern in 2020, where he last played organized football. He notably contributed to a road victory over Southern Nazarene during that season. However, Tucker’s involvement in the game has seen constant progress where he recently participated in and impressed at the XFL Combine, where he met with co-owner and former WWE superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Before college, Tucker’s athletic prowess was evident during his time at Sulphur High. He excelled in three sports and displayed his skills on the football field, basketball court, and track and field events. At Garden City Community College, his talent flourished, leading to prestigious accolades like All-American and All-Conference honors. ESPN rankings also placed him as the 12th-best offensive tackle in the nation among junior college players.

Tucker’s versatility extended beyond football, as he not only made waves on the basketball court but also performed admirably in track and field events like discus and shot put. His notable achievements in multiple disciplines speak to his athleticism and determination.

The road to the NFL is seldom straightforward, and Tucker’s journey showcases the twists and turns that can shape an athlete’s trajectory. His signing with the Atlanta Falcons is a noteworthy chapter in his story, underscoring his commitment to the sport and his perseverance in the face of challenges.

As Tucker joins the ranks of the Atlanta Falcons’ 90-man roster, local fans will undoubtedly follow his progress with anticipation. Only time will tell how his unique journey will contribute to the team’s dynamics and his own growth as a professional athlete.