Latest VSN Volleyball Power 10 & Top 25 has been released!

by Eric Richey // VSN Founder & CEO


Varsity Sports Now has released its latest high school volleyball poll, ranking the top programs from across the state of Louisiana.

The poll is determined by a panel of 10 voters and is comprised of the Power 10 teams as well as the remaining top 25 squads in the state.

After the showdown of the titans at the Red Hot Sticker Classic, St. Thomas More received all 10 first-place votes and is back in the number one spot, with Dominican ranked second.

Following a second consecutive week of finishing 7-0, Newman enters the Power 10 at No. 9 while E.D. White moved up three spots and Archbishop Hannan jumped to fifth.

St. Joesph’s, Westminster Christian, and Mandeville all received Power 10 votes.

Another big week is in store with six of the Top 25 playing in the Terrebonne Lady Tiger Classic this weekend in Houma.

VSN will be live streaming from Court 2 and will have all six of those teams (Newman, Ben Franklin, Westminster, Parkview Baptist, Haynes, Belle Chasse) in multiple matches. Eric Richey and Chip Didier will be on the call.

Varsity Sports Now High School Volleyball Top 25 – Sept. 26, 2022

  1. St. Thomas More (100) 17-0…8-0 week, 6-0 at Red Sticker including Power W’s over Dominican, EDW, Hannan
  2. Dominican (90) 18-1..6-1 week 1st L of season to STM…beat PJP, went 5-1 at Rd Sticker w/wins over SJA, and 2 Power 10 W’s vs EDW and Hannan
  3. Mt. Carmel (74) 21-1*…7-1 week 5-1 at Red Sticker-1st in-state L to Power 10 Hannan, went to Silver Pool and beat Power 10 TC, also Mandeville (3 sets), Assumption, Northshore (3 sets)
  4. Country Day (73) 10-1…2-0 week. 2 Power 10 Ws- Hannan and EDW 
  5. Hannan (52) 10-6*…5-3 week. Beat No.3 MCA and No.9 Chapelle and No.10 EDW Lost to No.1 Dom, No.2 STM, and No.4 Country Day
  6. Teurlings Catholic (36) 16-6…4-3 week, 2-3 at Red Sticker Silver Pool, Lost to Power 10 MCA, lost to SJA and Assumption…beat Mandeville and Northshore at Red Sticker, beat Notre Dame during the week
  7. E.D. White (34) 13-7…4-4 week all 4 L’s came to Power 10’s (STM, Dominican, Hannan, Country Day) beat SJA and Mandeville
  8. Dunham (25) 7-3…2-0 week beat Dutchtown and Southside
  9. Newman (21) 19-1…2nd straight 7-0 week…beat Power 10 Ben Franklin and (at the time) 15-1 Belle Chasse, then went 5-0 at Ruston Tournament with Ws over Dutchtown and EA
  10. Ben Franklin (17) 12-2…2-1 week, beat John Curtis and Cabrini lost to Newman
  1. St. Joe’s (12) 4-9…1-5 week. After beating Power 10 TC at Red Sticker, went 0-4 in Gold Pool, also lost to STM on Tuesday
  2. Westminster Christian (9) 13-2…1-0 week Beat Southside
  3. Mandeville (2) 11-6…after losing 4 of their first 5, have gone 10-2 w/Ws vs SJA and Assumption
  4. Chapelle  10-6…0-2 week lost to SSA and Hannan…since 9-0 start have lost 6 of 7
  5. Notre Dame 11-8…3-3 week, after 0-2 start to red Sticker won all 3 in Bronze beating St Amant, ESA, and Vandebilt 
  6. Assumption 13-8…3-5 week beat Power 10 TC, lost to Dominican, MCA, Mandeville, Northshore, St Amant
  7. Natchitoches Central 14-3… 2-1 week…beat Acadiana and Alexandria lost to ESA
  8. Parkview Baptist  8-3…0-1 week…sickness to many players forced postponement of Tues match vs U-High, lost to STM w/out 3 starters including setter
  9. Haynes 9-0…3-0 week beat Vandebilt, Riverside, and Ursuline 
  10. Chalmette 16-4…7-1 week gave (at the time) 15-0 Belle Chasse first L, went 5-1 at Woodlawn Tourney…
  11. Ponchatoula 13-5…6-2 week Lost to Slidell and Dutchtown, 5-1 at Ruston Tourney beat EA
  12. Dutchtown 11-6…5-2 week, lost to Power 10s Dunham and Newman, beat Ponchatoula
  13. Pope John Paul II 7-4…this season-beat Mandeville, Ponchatoula, Sacred Heart
  14. Belle Chase 15-2…0-2 week lost to Chalmette and Newman
  15. St. Scholastica 10-7…2-0 week beat Chapelle and Fontainebleau