LHSAA Joins Forces With LA Sports Productions To Unveil LHSAA Network

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) is proud to announce an innovative
partnership with LA Sports Productions that will give birth to the groundbreaking LHSAA Network. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in high school sports broadcasting, promising to transform the way fans experience LHSAA regular season, playoff, and state championship events across both linear and digital platforms.

The LHSAA Network is set to redefine the landscape of Louisiana high school sports by delivering top-tier broadcasts that capture the passion, determination, and thrilling moments that make these events so exceptional. Through state-of-the-art productions, viewers will be transported from the opening kickoff to the final whistle, with an indepth viewing experience.

In its inaugural year, the LHSAA Network will present a diverse array of programming designed to engage and captivate fans. Weekly highlight shows will capture the most electrifying plays and unforgettable moments from LHSAA sports competitions. Sport and student-athlete feature shows will provide a deeper insight into the lives and stories of the student-athletes who embody the spirit of competition. Additionally, a series of podcasts will keep fans informed and entertained, covering the full spectrum of Louisiana high school sports.

The LHSAA is currently in the process of constructing a state-of-the-art production studio at its headquarters. This cutting-edge facility will serve as the hub for creating the high-quality content that will grace the LHSAA Network. From producing engaging talk shows to developing compelling broadcasts, this studio will be the epicenter of creativity and innovation.

“We are incredibly thrilled to embark on this journey with LA Sports Productions to launch the LHSAA Network,” stated Eddie Bonine, Executive Director of the LHSAA. “This partnership is not only about broadcasting sports; it is about bringing communities together, celebrating the achievements of our student-athletes & coaches, and fostering a sense of pride across the state. The LHSAA Network will provide an unparalleled platform to showcase the exceptional talent and dedication of our young student-athletes.”

“This collaboration is the realization of a shared vision to elevate high school sports broadcasting to new heights,” said Jeff Schneider, CEO of LA Sports Productions. “The LHSAA Network will harness the power of cutting-edge technology to deliver sports content that resonates with fans of all ages. We are committed to creating broadcasts that not only entertain but also inspire.”

The LHSAA Network is poised to launch in November of this year, promising a new era in Louisiana high school sports broadcasting. As the excitement builds, stay tuned for updates and announcements on how you can experience the future of LHSAA sports through the LHSAA Network.

For more information/partnership opportunities, please reach out to: Wes Baylor (Wes@lhsaasp.com) LHSAA Sports Properties