LHSAA Special Meeting To Determine “Select” Term To Be Held Tuesday Afternoon

BATON ROUGE – All attention will be directed towards Baton Rouge on Tuesday.

The LHSAA has scheduled a special meeting at the Marriott Hotel in Baton Rouge to address the term “Select” schools. The meeting was approved during the LHSAA executive committee’s recent gathering. The main objective is to vote on a glossary definition for “Select” schools, a term that has sparked controversy in Louisiana’s athletic landscape.

Last fall, the executive committee redefined “Select” schools to include lab schools, magnet schools, charter schools, and tuition-based schools. This move also led to changes in postseason brackets, which led to a legal dispute with nine member schools.

Eddie Bonine, LHSAA’s executive director, issued a memo detailing the meeting’s specifics. The meeting will take place at 1 p.m. tomorrow, with the primary focus on the “Select” definition vote. A “Yes” vote keeps the current definition, while a “No” vote reverts to the January 2022 definition.

To validate the vote, a quorum of at least 203 of the LHSAA’s 404 member schools must be present. This simple majority ensures that the resolution reflects the collective interests of Louisiana’s high school sports community.


WHAT: LHSAA Special Meeting

WHEN: Tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023

WHERE: Marriott Hotel, 5500 Hilton Ave, Baton Rouge

WHY: Vote to approve the current Executive Committee approved definition of “Select”

WHO CAN ATTEND: Member school principal and/or approved administrative proxy

WHAT IS NEEDED TO CALL SPECIAL MEETING: A simple majority of member schools. 203 schools must attend to hold a quorum.

WHAT HAPPENS IF A MAJORITY IS NOT REACHED: A vote to approve “Select” designation cannot be held, and the association will temporarily be left with an unapproved term.

HOW MANY VOTES ARE NEED TO APPROVE THE AGENDA ITEM: A simple majority is needed to approve the agenda item.

WHAT DOES A “YES” VOTE SIGNIFY: If approved, the current “Select” designation, approved by the Executive Committee last year, stays in place, including lab schools, magnet schools, charter schools, and tuition-based schools.

WHAT DOES A “NO” VOTE SIGNIFY: A “No” vote would revert the glossary item back to its January 2022 definition, stating that “Select” means private or public schools with established academic criteria for student admission and/or retention.

WILL MEMBER SCHOOLS VOTE ON PLAYOFF STRUCTURES: Playoff structure changes for Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Softball are not on the agenda and will not be voted on.