Class 5A’s Toughest Football District To Play In

By Hunter Bower // Owner is diving into Louisiana high school football’s toughest districts to play in. Today, we cover Class 5A with an analysis followed by rankings of each district within the classification. 

It may come as no surprise that Louisiana’s historic “Catholic League” would rank as the toughest district to compete in for high school football.

However, the numbers prove just how tough District 9-5A is compared to others in Louisiana’s top class. With prominent powers such as Archbishop Rummel and John Curtis aided by a supporting cast of fierce competitors, the “Catholic League” is surely alive and well. It also can’t be touched.

According to Fizz Rankings’ numbers, District 9-5A averaged a 52.381 power ranking among all teams in its league. The next closest was District 4-5A, led by Zachary and Walker, who combined for a 41.270 ranking. 

Consistency was a key factor in determining the toughest district for Class 5A. Not only do championships matter but winning percentages, competition played and deep playoff runs play a part in helping to determine the ratings. 

Most programs hope to have strong competition to help prepare for playoff runs. It helps in keeping players ready and programs tuned up. There is no doubt that when district competition rolls around in the New Orleans area, a chance for a playoff appearance goes through District 9-5A.

Rummel, 2019’s Division I state champion, is certainly primed for a repeat performance this season but it won’t come without a challenge. Three of the four semi-finalists in Division I came from District 9-5A. Curtis and Brother Martin finished as semi-finalists in the top division among select schools.

The league’s other teams will make for quite the competition in 2020 with Holy Cross gaining veteran coach Nick Saltaformaggio as its leader. Meanwhile Jesuit, St. Augustine and Shaw are determined to rock the boat for a chance at knocking off the “top dogs” . The average record of finish across the league last year was 8 wins and 4 losses.

Each district’s ranking will update every season and will take into account all re-classification measures every two years.

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