Four Downs With South Lafourche Head Football Coach B.J. Young

by Hunter Bower // Owner

We welcome South Lafourche’s B.J. Young into the fieldhouse for our latest edition of Four Downs for a quick Q&A with the Tarpons’ head football coach. Young and his squad will get to play in their first game since being delayed by the devastating Hurricane Ida that ravaged the southeastern portion of the state.

First Down: First of all, our thoughts and prayers have been with the communities devastated by Hurricane Ida. How are you and your team doing?

Young: We are doing well, just happy to be back on the field with all of our guys. They are are fired up and excited to get back to football!

Second Down:  What has been your message to the team during this time?

Young: My message after getting back was just enjoy every moment because you never know when it will be gone or taken away. We talk all the time of embracing the process and winning every day.

Third Down: You announced over the weekend that the Tarpons will finally get to take the field this Saturday against E.D. White. How excited are you about being back on the sideline and steps were taken to ensure a game would take place so soon?

Young: Words can’t describe how excited I am! I barely sleep at night bc I can’t wait. I speak for all of our staff when I say that. I love our group and can’t wait to go to war with them. A lot of people played big roles into getting this season up and running. It was honestly a group effort and kudos to our district for making the decision on letting us play. Our kids and communities deserve athletics as well as something to rally around and look forward to.

Fourth Down: How did your athletic facilities fare during the storm. Will y’all have to play away from your home field?

Young: Our facilities did not do well. We will not be able to get back into the fieldhouse anytime soon. We also won’t be able to play any home games this season, but honestly our team is just happy to get to compete and play no matter where it is.

Overtime: What does E.D. White bring to the table as your first opponent?

Young: ED White is a really good football team. They are disciplined and do everything right. They will not beat themselves we are going to have to beat them. It should be a great environment and crowd, we can’t wait!