To Provide Live Football Power Rating Updates Friday Night

LAKE CHARLES – The last week of the Louisiana high school football season is set to get underway on Thursday and postseason implications will be on the mind of all involved.

In an effort to reflect the most up-to-date unofficial seeding for the state playoffs, GeauxPreps is set to go live with its power ratings Friday night and will update on the spot as scores begin to roll in following the completion of games.

“We quickly decided that updating the power ratings in real time instead of by automation allows fans to quickly view where their team stands unofficially,” said “Our hopes are to provide a clear vision of whether a team is in the postseason or vying for a home game.”

Fans will be able to access the power ratings throughout the night on Friday and throughout the day on Saturday by logging on to via their mobile phones, tablets or desktop devices.

“Our power ratings expert, Brad Hedrick, has spent 10 years of his life developing the program that we use to calculate the numbers,” said Bower. “I am still amazed at how he continues to improve the program each week. His hard work and dedication has now allowed us to update on the spot this Friday. To say that we are excited is quite an understatement.”

Bower will serve as a guest host for the Louisiana Prep Scoreboard Show on ESPN 104.5 FM in Baton Rouge. Bower, along with Hedrick, will be updating power ratings live while giving analysis on which teams may be on the bubble or could be close to hosting a playoff game. The show is set to start at 10PM and can be viewed on the station’s YouTube channel at  

Although strives to maintain a high-standard of accuracy with its ratings, the power ratings are for entertainment purposes only and do not determine the playoffs. The LHSAA has the sole authority to determine the seeding for all playoff brackets. Forfeits, appeals and postseason opt-outs do sometimes occur closer to Sunday when the official brackets are released.

“Our goal is to mirror what we think the LHSAA will calculate in their official power ratings but sometimes there are hiccups,” said Bower. “You may have a forfeit here and an opt-out there that could affect the ratings. We try to gather that information as we confirm it but sometimes there are misses.”

If you are a coach or school administrator and would like to set up a way to quickly communicate final scores, please email Hunter Bower at for more information